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Health Ministry Urges Physician Assistants to Halt Strike Amid Negotiations


The Ministry of Health has made an appeal to Physician Assistants nationwide to end their strike, as the government is actively working to address their concerns. The Ghana Physician Assistants Association, on July 27th, escalated their strike by withdrawing emergency services from healthcare centers throughout the country. This action was taken in protest against proposed changes to Act 857, which would place Physician Assistants under the supervision of Medical Doctors.

Earlier, on July 24th, the Physician Assistants had halted their services at Outpatient Departments (OPDs) in an effort to draw attention to their issues. Issuing a statement on the matter, Isaac Baah Ofei, the Public Relations Officer of the Health Ministry, mentioned that while certain demands put forth by the Physician Assistants fall outside the direct jurisdiction of the Health Ministry, significant strides are being taken to find a resolution.

Ofei stated, “While we empathize with their concerns, we are appealing to them to resume their duties, recognizing that there will be an appropriate time for these reforms, as some of their demands extend beyond the Ministry’s purview.” He continued, “I earnestly request their patience as we continue our ongoing negotiations. The government is committed to addressing outstanding remuneration issues. Our role as the Ministry is to advocate on their behalf, and we hold optimism that the government will indeed settle these pending payments.”

Source: city newsroom


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