Home News “Are Physician Assistants going to be Banned in Ghana”

“Are Physician Assistants going to be Banned in Ghana”


According to Mr. Michael Sarfo, a Public Health Expert based in England but of Ghanaian origin, the proposed amendment to the Health Professions and Regulatory Bodies Bill 2023 in Ghana, which aims to reduce the responsibilities of Physician Assistants, will have significant repercussions on healthcare in the country. He argues that if this bill is passed and implemented, it will negatively impact the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal three, which aims to provide access to quality and affordable healthcare for all.

Mr. Sarfo points out that the amendment will hinder healthcare delivery, especially in rural areas, as Physician Assistants, who are predominantly found in these underserved regions, will be banned from practicing medicine, dentistry, and prescribing medications. Consequently, the availability of competent healthcare professionals in district hospitals, clinics, and health centers will be severely affected, leaving ordinary Ghanaians with limited access to medical care.

He further criticizes the proposed amendment, suggesting that it appears to be motivated by institutional superiority and an attempt to impose medical doctors on Physician Assistants, rather than genuinely prioritizing public protection, as the Medical and Dental Council’s motto stipulates.

Mr. Sarfo urges the public to pay close attention to the bill’s content and understand its implications on ordinary Ghanaians’ access to healthcare. He believes that this amendment threatens not only the growth and development of the Physician Assistant profession but also the overall well-being of the Ghanaian population in terms of healthcare services.

Source: Ghana/otecfmghana.com/Jacob Agyenim Boateng


  1. When more countries are developing the training of Nurses, Practitioners, and Physician Assistants to meet current health demands, we want to make it worse by changing the law to suit only one group of health care professionals? Are we that damp? It’s rather unfortunate. The law should rather be amended to give autonomy to Nurse specialists, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to practice. My take.


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