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EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE – NMC Osce, Pressure Ulcer Prevention


The situation is as follows:

Colin, a patient recovering from laparotomy, has been advised to remain in bed for a few days and has developed a small pressure sore on her sacrum. The Tissue Viability Nurse (TVN) has assessed Colin and recommended the use of foam dressing. Shazia is concerned about the potential worsening of the pressure ulcer and the use of foam dressing. You are tasked with summarizing research findings (Which will be given to you) and providing advice on pressure ulcer prevention. 


I will communicate to Colin that research indicates the application of a specific foam dressing on the sacrum can reduce the risk of pressure ulcer development by approximately 10%. However, it’s important to note that, despite using the dressing, there remains a possibility of a pressure ulcer forming, although it may occur at a later stage.

I will clarify to Colin that the foam dressing, while generally safe, can have a rare side effect of causing mild skin irritation.

I will inform Colin that as a male patient, he might be at a slightly higher risk of developing a pressure sore.

I will stress the significance of regular skin inspections to Colin, frequent changes in position, adequate hydration, and a balanced diet as essential components of pressure ulcer prevention.

Lastly, I will inform Colin about the availability of a foam dressing that can potentially aid in preventing pressure ulcers, and suggest discussing this option further with the tissue viability team.


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