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  • Glucometer with strips
  • Single use Lancet
  • Gauze
  • Sharp container
  • Chlorhexidine skin wipe

Nurse: Upon entering the room, I assess the safety of the environment before approaching.

Nurse: To respect the patient’s privacy and dignity, I will close the doors and draw the curtains.

Nurse: I’ll perform hand hygiene using the WHO-recommended seven-steps.

Nurse: Good morning. I’m Rihana, a registered nurse. I’m here to check your blood glucose level. Is it a suitable time for us to proceed?

Whitney: yes

Nurse: Please can I confirm your name and date of birth?

Whitney: My name is Queen Whitney. DOB: 12/12/1979

Nurse: Can I confirm with your wrist band? Verbally compare with the wrist band, and also mention the NHS or Hospital number and tell the assessor you are with the right patient.

Nurse: Are you in a comfortable position, Whitney?

Whitney: yes

Nurse: Are you in pain?

Whitney: No

Nurse: Alright, Whitney. I will gather the necessary equipment for the procedure. If you require anything in the meantime, please use the call bell.

Nurse: Assessor, can you confirm whether the tray has been washed with soap and water within the past 24 hours?

Assessor: Yes, it has.

Nurse: The skin wipes are sterile, within their expiration date, and undamaged. The lancet is unused and suitable for use. The sharps bin is less than one-third full. The Glucometer is working perfectly. (Don disposable PPE)

Nurse: Whitney, I’ve returned with the necessary equipment. Are you ready for me to proceed with the procedure?

Whitney: Yes

Nurse: Whitney, can you recall when your last blood glucose check was performed, and do you remember where the previous prick was?

Whitney: No

Nurse: Ok to avoid discomfort, I won’t use your thumb or forefinger, and I’ll avoid pricking the fingertip. I’ll perform the prick on the side of your middle finger. Is that acceptable to you?

Whitney: Yes

Nurse: Your hands appear to be clean. I will attach a strip to the glucometer and use a lancet. ( if finger clean, proceed. If not, assess for inflammation, skin lesions, swollen, and check capillary refill. Clean for 30 sec and leave it to dry for 30 sec)

Nurse: Whitney, may I proceed with the blood glucose test now?

Whitney: Yes

Nurse: Whitney, please use this gauze to wipe away any blood after the prick.

Nurse: Now, I will perform the prick and ensure the strip’s window is fully covered with blood. (ensure that the site of piercing is rotated)

Nurse: Whitney, your blood glucose result is 6.8 mmol/L, which is within the normal range. (Announce the result clearly and show to the camera.) The normal blood sugar range is 4-7 mmol/L. If it falls below 4 or exceeds 7 mmol/L, I will inform the medical team.

(Nurse disposes of the lancet in the sharps bin immediately after the procedure.)

Nurse: Whitney, are you feeling comfortable? I will now document the findings, and if you need anything, please use the call bell.

Whitney: Ok, thank you

Nurse: Assessor, I have completed the blood glucose level check on Queen Whitney. I will now document all my observations and dispose of waste in accordance with NMC guidelines and policies. Thank you.


On the sheet provided, if any write your name, date, time and sign.


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