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“Nursing in Crisis: The Terrifying Triumph of Doctors and Physician Assistants in Ghana”


As nurses in Ghana, our major challenge is the prevailing “holier than thou” mind-set among Ghanaian nurses. Many nurses consider it a privilege and honour to perform tasks they are not compensated for, while others receive salaries and allowances for the same work. This situation leads to nurses facing public ridicule and blame for the failures and lapses of others.

A significant number of health facilities, from CHP compounds to district hospitals, are managed by various cadres of nurses and midwives, while the presence of physician assistants (PAs) and medical doctors in these districts is limited. Yet, we fail to address these issues effectively and turn them into opportunities to advocate for fair treatment from our employer.

Our diplomacy towards the employer appears ineffective, and we continue to do tasks beyond our qualifications, despite being told we are not qualified for them. If we collectively refuse to perform tasks we are not legally paid for, it could make a significant impact and prompt the employer to take action in addressing our grievances. However, our tendency to act as if we are begging to do other people’s work impedes progress in resolving these issues.

In conclusion, it is crucial for us to assert our rights and demand fair treatment from our employer instead of passively accepting unpaid responsibilities. By standing up for our rights, we can bring about positive change and create a stronger case for our well-being and professional integrity as nurses in Ghana.

Source: Mahamah Nbonwura – Nurse practitioner (Nursing officer), Ghana


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