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Tweneboah’s Unconditional Love


Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a young man named Tweneboah. Tweneboah had a loving father named Mensah, but their journey together was not always easy. When Tweneboah was born, his parents, Mensah and Agyiewaa, were very young and unable to marry. Despite the challenges they faced, Mensah loved his son dearly and did all he could to make him happy.

Sadly, when Tweneboah’s mother, Agyiewaa, passed away due to mistreatment from her stepfather, Tweneboah had to move to his father’s house. However, there awaited a difficult situation. Mensah had a wife and two children who were unkind to Tweneboah. They treated him poorly, and his stepmother constantly insulted him, making him feel unwelcome.

One day, the stepmother threatened Mensah, saying she would leave with her children if Tweneboah wasn’t thrown out of the house. Despite his love for his son, Mensah was afraid of losing his wife and agreed to let Tweneboah go. The young man was heartbroken and had to fend for himself in the city.

Meanwhile, Mensah continued living with his family, not showing any concern for his son’s wellbeing. He enjoyed life without thinking about the pain he had caused Tweneboah. However, as time passed, Mensah grew old and fell terribly ill. His family abandoned him, leaving him all alone.

In his desperation, Mensah realized the importance of family and love. He asked his friend to find Tweneboah and bring him back so he could apologize for his past mistakes. Tweneboah, who still loved his father deeply, rushed to be by his side. Despite all the pain he had endured, Tweneboah forgave his father and cared for him until he passed away.

After Mensah’s death, Tweneboah organized a befitting funeral for his father, despite the lack of support he had received during his life. He became a successful electrician and learned that with hard work and determination, he could make his own way in life.

Moral Lessons:

1. Love knows no boundaries or conditions. Tweneboah loved his father unconditionally, despite the challenges they faced.

2. Family is essential, and we should cherish our loved ones while we have them.

3. Never judge or mistreat others based on their circumstances or past.

4. We should apologize and seek forgiveness for our mistakes, just like Mensah did when he realized his wrongs.

5. Compassion and kindness go a long way in healing relationships and wounds.

6. Material wealth and status are not as important as the love and support of family and friends.

7. Hard work and determination can lead to success, as Tweneboah became a successful electrician.

8. Never hold grudges, as forgiveness can bring peace and healing to both parties involved.

9. Being there for someone in their time of need is a true testament to love and friendship.

10. The future is unpredictable, so cherish every moment with your loved ones and make amends when needed.

And so, Tweneboah’s story teaches us the value of family, forgiveness, and the power of unconditional love. Let us always remember these important lessons as we go on our own adventures in lifeā€¦. THE END


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