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The Curious Journey of Moss: Unveiling Secrets in Kumasi


Once upon a time in a faraway town called Oyoko, there lived a young boy named Moss. Everyone called him Moss because it was a fun nickname. Moss lived in a big house with his brothers and sisters. The house belonged to his dad, whose name was Mr. Addai. Moss’s family were farmers, which means they grew food like fruits and vegetables. They worked hard to get yummy food for their tummies.

Moss loved helping his family on the farm. He would go with them to the fields and help with planting and picking the fruits. He was a very good helper, and his parents loved him a lot for that. They loved all their children, but Moss was their special helper.

One morning, Moss woke up and saw that the sun was shining brightly. He decided to go to the farm all by himself. His parents didn’t want to go because the weather was very dry and dusty. Moss got ready by washing his face and brushing his teeth. He picked up his special cup and a chewing stick to clean his teeth. Then he took a big knife and a basket to carry the fruits he would pick.

As he walked to the farm, he accidentally stepped on something sharp. “Ouch!” he cried out. He sat down and looked at his foot. It was a tiny thorn that had poked him. But then something amazing happened – his uncle, Mr. Asante, appeared out of nowhere! He was carrying a bag and a suitcase. Moss was so surprised and happy to see his uncle. He gave him a big hug and they both laughed.

Moss and his uncle talked and laughed a lot. They went back home and called everyone to come and meet Uncle Asante. The whole house became full of joy and laughter. Uncle Asante had brought lots of yummy things to eat and drink. There were even sweet candies for Moss and his siblings.

Moss’s parents, Mr. Addai and Mrs. Obour, were very happy to see Uncle Asante. They thanked him for bringing delicious food and treats. They all sat under a big tree and talked for a long time. Uncle Asante told them that he was now a businessman who sold car parts. He had been away for a while and missed everyone a lot.

One day, Uncle Asante had an exciting announcement. He said that he needed Moss’s help with some important things in a big city called Kumasi. Moss’s parents were happy about this news. They knew Uncle Asante needed help, and they were proud that Moss could be a good helper.

Moss and Uncle Asante talked and laughed some more. They ate tasty food and enjoyed being together. But there was one thing Moss couldn’t wait to do – he wanted to see his friend Nana. Nana was his best friend, and they did everything together. Moss went to visit Nana and told him about his journey to Kumasi. Nana understood and promised to take care of things while Moss was away.

The next day, Moss and Uncle Asante got ready to leave for Kumasi. They packed their things and Moss’s parents gave them lots of good advice. They told Moss to be brave and strong, just like a hero in a story. They hugged him tightly and said a prayer for his journey.

As Moss and Uncle Asante traveled to Kumasi, they saw many new things. The city was big and busy, with lots of people and cars everywhere. Moss’s eyes were wide open as he looked out of the window. He saw tall buildings, colorful stores, and people rushing around.

When they finally reached Kumasi, Moss felt a mixture of excitement and curiosity. The city was so different from his hometown. Uncle Asante showed him around and explained how things worked in the city. They went to different places and met new people.

But then something strange happened. Moss overheard his uncle talking to some other people about a secret plan. He heard words like “kill” and “money.” Moss’s heart started beating fast, and he felt very scared. He realized that his uncle was not a good person, and he needed to escape from him.

Moss quickly ran away from his uncle and hid in a place where he felt safe. He didn’t know where to go, but he knew he had to stay away from his uncle. He saw policemen and told them what he had heard. The policemen were kind and promised to help him.

A big search began in the forest as the policemen tried to find Moss’s uncle who, upon noticing the presence of the policemen run into the forest for protection. There were sounds of people running and shouting, just like in an adventure story. The policemen and some bad people even had a fight with their guns! It was a very exciting and scary time. His uncle had a gang of men, who kill people for money.

Finally, the policemen caught one of the bad people, and they found out that Moss’s uncle had a very bad plan, to kill him. They found a bag with something very scary things inside – human parts. Moss was safe now, and he felt happy and relieved.

Moss uncle and his men were arrested and were sentenced to life imprisonment in Kumasi judicial law court. They pleaded for mercy, but the judges did not listen to those bad people.

The story ended with Moss reuniting with his family and friends. They were all very happy to see him again. Nana, his best friend, was there too, and they hugged each other tightly. Moss realized how important it was to have good friends and family who care about him.

And so, Moss’s adventure came to an end, and he learned many important things along the way. He learned to be brave, to trust his feelings, and to stay away from bad people. Most importantly, he learned that love and friendship are the strongest things in the world, just like in a magical fairy tale. ……. THE END


  • Trust Your Instincts: Moss’s instinct told him that something was wrong with his uncle’s plan. Trusting your instinctive feeling and being cautious can help you stay safe in uncertain situations.
  • Family Love: Moss’s parents and siblings showed him a lot of love and support. The story teaches us the importance of valuing and caring for our family members.
  • Hard Work and Helping Others: Moss’s willingness to help his family on the farm demonstrated the value of hard work and contributing to the well-being of those around us.
  • Good Friends are Precious: Moss’s friendship with Nana was a source of strength and support. Good friends stick by your side, help you, and make life better.
  • Resilience in Challenges: Moss faced challenges, like the thorn in his foot and the danger from his uncle. The story teaches us to face difficulties with courage and determination.
  • Avoid Bad Influences: Moss realized that his uncle was involved in a dangerous plan. The story highlights the importance of staying away from people who might lead us down the wrong path.
  • Listen to Warnings: When Moss overheard his uncle’s plan, he listened carefully and took action to protect himself. This teaches us to pay attention to warnings and act on them.
  • Bravery and Speaking Up: Moss bravely spoke to the police about his uncle’s plan. The story encourages us to be brave and speak up when we witness something wrong.
  • Justice Prevails: The bad people were caught by the police, showing that justice can be served when good people stand up against wrongdoings.
  • Value True Friendship: Moss and Nana’s friendship remained strong, even during difficult times. The story reminds us to cherish and value true friends who support us through thick and thin.

These moral lessons from the story can guide young children in understanding important values and principles that can shape their behaviour and choices in life.



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