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The Magical Hospital Tour


Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Lucas who loved to explore and go on exciting adventures. One day, Lucas woke up feeling a bit cold. His mom took his temperature and realized he had a little fever, so she decided to take him on a very special tour: a tour of the hospital!

Lucas was both nervous and excited about his first tour in the hospital. As they walked through the big, glass doors, Timmy couldn’t help but feel like a brave explorer stepping into a mysterious land.

The first stop on their tour was the waiting room. It was filled with colourful chairs and toys to play with. Lucas quickly made friends with another little boy named Sammy, who had a bandage on his arm.

“Hi, Sammy! What happened to your arm?” asked Lucas curiously.

“I had a big adventure with my bike, and I fell off,” Sammy replied, showing off his bandage. “But the doctors here are amazing! They took good care of me.”

Lucas’s eyes widened with wonder. He couldn’t wait to meet the amazing doctors Sammy talked about. So, hand in hand with his mom, Lucas walked further into the hospital.

Their next stop was the X-ray room. Lucas was surprised by the big machine that could see inside your body. The technician, Mrs. Christer, explained how it worked.

“You lie down on this special bed, and the machine takes pictures to see if everything is okay inside,” Mrs. Christer explained.

Lucas giggled, “Can it see if I have a dinosaur inside me?”

Mrs. Christer chuckled. “Hmm, I’m not sure about that, but it can help the doctors see your bones and make sure everything is working just right.”

As they continued their tour, Lucas and his mom walked past the room where babies were born. Lucas’s eyes grew wide when he saw a tiny baby with a little pink hat on.

“Mama, did the cot bring the baby here?” he asked, pointing at the new born.

His mom laughed and said, “No, Lucas. The doctors and nurses help mommies have their babies here. Isn’t it incredible?”

Lucas nodded, amazed by the miracle of new life. He felt even more excited to see what else the hospital had in store.

Their final stop on the tour was the canteen, where they could get a snack. Lucas couldn’t resist the colourful cupcakes with smiling faces on top. As he took a bite, his face lit up with joy.

“These cupcakes are the best, Mama!” Lucas exclaimed, his mouth full of ice.

Just as they were about to leave, a doctor named Dr. Sarah approached them. She wore a big, funny hat and had a friendly smile.

“Hello there, Lucas! I heard you’re on a hospital tour today. How about I give you a special doctor’s badge?” Dr. Sarah said, handing him a shiny sticker that said, “Future Doctor Lucas.”

Lucas’s eyes sparkled with joy as he proudly wore his new badge.

“Now, remember, Lucas,” Dr. Sarah said, “The hospital is a place where people come to feel better. And one day, maybe you’ll become a wonderful doctor who helps people too!”

Lucas smiled with excitement, feeling inspired by the amazing doctors and nurses he had met during his first tour in the hospital.

As Lucas and his mom left the hospital, he couldn’t wait to tell all his friends about his adventure. And who knows? Maybe one day, Timmy would become a real-life Doctor, saving the day just like the doctors and nurses he met on his special tour. Do you also want to be a Doctor or a Nurse one day?

………….THE END………..


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