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Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Roy who had a pair of magical school shoes. These shoes were unlike any ordinary shoes because they could talk! Every morning, when Roy would slip his feet into them, they would greet him with a cheerful “Good morning, Roy!”

One day, as Roy was getting ready for school, he couldn’t find his school shoes anywhere. He searched under the bed, in the closet, and even in the toy box, but they were nowhere to be found. Roy started to worry because he didn’t want to be late for school.

Just as Roy was about to give up and wear a different pair of shoes, he heard a tiny voice coming from the lounge. It was his school shoes! They had magically grown little legs and were walking towards him.

The shoes said to Roy, “We’re sorry we hid from you, Roy.” “We wanted to play a little game of hide-and-seek.”

Roy burst into giggles when he saw the naughty shoes. “Oh, you silly shoes! We can’t play right now. It’s time for school,” he shouted.

The shoes understood and said sorry for their playful tricks. They hopped onto Roy’s feet, and together, they rushed out the door and down the street towards school.

As they reached the schoolyard, Roy’s shoes started singing a catchy tune. The melody was so infectious that soon all the kids in the school joined in, dancing and singing along. The shoes had turned the schoolyard into a lively party!

The teachers couldn’t believe their eyes. They had never seen such happy and dancing shoes before. They joined in the fun too, tapping their feet to the beat.

From that day on, Roy’s school shoes became the talk of the town. Every morning, they would greet him with a song, making everyone smile and laugh as they walked together. The shoes taught everyone that even the simplest things, like a pair of school shoes, could bring joy and laughter to everyone’s day.

And so, Roy and his magical school shoes became the best of friends, spreading happiness and fun wherever they went………. THE END



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