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In the heartland of West Africa lies the enchanting country of Ghana, known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and warm hospitality. There is a small village called Aputuogya, where a tale of a ghost at night was whispered from one generation to the next.

The village of Aputuogya was surrounded by juicy vegetation, with swaying palm trees and dense forests that hid ancient secrets. Life in Aputuogya was simple and sweet, as the villagers relied on farming and fishing for their livelihoods. They were a close community, joined by shared beliefs and a deep respect for their ancestors. But now things have changed, the people of Aputuogya did not see each other as friends anymore. Due to this the village has lost its beauty and development, children did not respect elders and vice versa.

However, as night fell and the moon rose high in the sky, an air of mystery would settle over the village. It was said that when the clock struck midnight, a ghost would appear from the pits of the forest and wander the streets of Aputuogya. The villagers spoke of a figure covered in tattered white robes; its face hidden beneath a dark covering. Its presence sent shivers down their spines, and many claimed to have seen its clear form travelling through the night.

Abena Fofie, a young and curious girl with a heart full of courage, became interested in the stories of the ghost. Unlike the others who trembled in fear upon hearing the word ghost, she wanted to uncover the truth behind the mysterious ghost. Her grandmother, Maame Kadwo, was known for her wisdom and knowledge of the village’s olden folklore. Abena Fofie sought her assistance, hoping to unravel the secrets that enveloped the ghost.

One moonlit evening, Abena Fofie had finished her house chores already. Her grandmother asked her to gather some firewood to make fire. Abena Fofie put some tubers of cocoyam in the fire as evening snack. She then sat by her grandmother’s side; their faces brightened by the warm glow of the fire. She anxiously asked, “Maame Kadwo, tell me about the ghost that haunts our village. Is it real? What does it want?”

Maame Kadwo sighed deeply, her eyes filled with both care and love for her granddaughter’s curiosity. “Oh, Abena Fofie, everyone in our village has known about the ghost for as long as we can remember”. It is said to be the spirit of Akua, a woman who lived here many generations ago.”

Abena Fofie leaned in closer, attracted by her grandmother’s words. “Who was Akua, Maame Kadwo? Why does her spirit wander the village at night?”

Maame Kadwo’s voice grew soft as she began her tale. ” Akua was a kind-hearted young woman who cared deeply for her people’’. She possessed a gift—the ability to communicate with spirits. The village respected her as a spiritual guide, seeking her wisdom during times of celebration and hardship.”

Her voice carried a bit of sadness as she continued, “However, one fateful night, darkness descended upon Aputuogya. A band of slave raiders swept through the village, leaving destruction and depression in the aftermath. Akua, in her brave attempt to protect her people, was tragically killed from this world. It is said that her spirit lingers, unable to find peace until justice is served and her people are safe and united.”

Abena Fofie’s eyes widened with a fresh understanding. “But, Maame Kadwo, how can we make Akua feel peaceful”? How can we ensure her spirit rests?”

Maame Kadwo’s gaze filled with hope. “My dear Abena Fofie, it is up to us to bring unity back to our village. We must stand united, just as Akua did, and face the challenges that threaten our community. Only then can we honour her memory and bring an end to her restless spirit.”

Inspired by her grandmother’s words, Abena Fofie embarked on a journey to assemble the villagers. She shared Maame Kadwo’s tale with young and old alike, urging them to remember the spirit of unity and resilience that Akua expressed. Together, they organized community projects, rebuilt homes, and strengthened the bonds that held Aputuogya together.

As time passed, a dramatic change took hold of the village. The air blew with a renewed hope, and the ghost appearances became less frequent. The villagers, once gripped by fear, now faced the night with courage and determination.

One night, when the moon was at its brightest, Abena Fofie found herself walking through the village streets. She had finished working for her father and was going to sleep with Maame Kadwo. As she turned a corner, she saw a figure, draped in white, standing beneath the ancient baobab tree at the village centre. The image signalled her to get closer, its once ghostly form now solid and bright.

It was Akua, her face glowing and peaceful. “Abena Fofie,” she whispered, “you have brought light back to our village. Your courage and the unity of our people have brought me the peace I sought for centuries.”

Abena Fofie’s eyes welled up with tears of joy. “Akua, we will cherish your memory and continue to protect our village because you will forever remain in our hearts”

And so, the ghost at night in Aputuogya became a vanishing memory, replaced by a legacy of strength and communal unity. The villagers carried Akua’s story in their hearts, passing it down through the generations, reminding them of the power of unity and the triumph of the human spirit……. THE END


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