Once upon a time in a university hostel, lived a lot of young and beautiful ladies. Among them was Akosua one of the brilliant ladies. Today she declined
lecture attendance. She sung whiles drying her undies on a drying line. The sun was smiling to the world on that very morning. After she finished hanging her
clothes, she took her bath and went straight to her room. Akosua sat in her chair half naked, her thoughts racing and her heart heavy with a secret she couldn’t
bear to share. The sun’s rays peeked through the curtains, casting a warm glow on her tear-stained face. She had just made a decision that would change her life
forever: she had undergone a secret abortion of her first pregnancy. Akosua followed friends for a party one day where she met a nice looking young man, Chenedu a Nigerian. Chenedu offered her a seat when all seats
were full in the hall. He was really a gentle man and some infectious smile that made him looked more handsome. They started a casual friendship which
graduated to a romantic relationship. The first day Chenedu visited her at the hostel was a memorable day, where the two lovers could not quench the blazing
feeling inside their hearts. They actually had a good time together in each other’s warm embrace and cuddling. Chenedu could not leave on the same evening, he left on the following morning after exchanging passionate kisses. In three weeks later, Chenedu announced to Akosua of his traveling back to Nigeria with his father and added that he would never forget of her. Akosua did not take Chenedu’s announcement easy. Am I losing a potential future husband? ‘she asked herself’. Only a few weeks ago, Akosua had discovered that she was pregnant. Panic had washed over her, leaving her
feeling vulnerable and scared. She was only twenty-two, still studying at the university and unsure of her future. The thought of becoming a mother at such a young age felt suffocating, as if her dreams were slipping away. Chenedu too has vanished in a thin air, she does not hear from him again. Akosua knew she couldn’t confide in her family. Their strong religious beliefs and traditional values made discussing such matters unthinkable. She also couldn’t turn to her friends, fearing their judgment and the stigma that surrounded abortion. So she decided to keep her secret hidden from the world, relying solely on herself for support. She decided to face her destiny a lone and see what future holds for her. In the darkness of her room, Akosua wrestled with her conscience. Doubts and guilt troubled her, but she reminded herself that she was making the best choice for her circumstances. She knew the risks, both physical and emotional, but she
believed it was the only way she could regain control of her life. She read a lot on the internet under abortion and its complications. Although she feared, but she could not raise a child at that moment, a child without a father, her
education all running through her mind. She had already made her mind. On the day of the procedure, Akosua slipped away from her dormitory, telling her roommate that she had an appointment at the campus clinic. She got into an unfamiliar streets of the city, her heart pounding in her chest. She had researched and found a discreet clinic that offered safe and confidential
services. As she sat in the waiting room, surrounded by other women with their own secrets and worries, Akosua felt a strange sense of solidarity. They were all facing difficult choices, navigating a world that judged them for decisions they had to make alone. When her name was finally called, Akosua walked into the small, sterile room
and laid down on the examination table. The doctor, a kind and empathetic woman, explained the procedure and offered her support. Akosua felt a mix of relief and anxiety as the doctor began. In the days that followed, Akosua faced with conflicting emotions. There were
moments of grief and loss, but also a newfound sense of freedom. She knew that she had taken control of her destiny, shaping her own future. It wasn’t an easy
choice, but it was the right one for her. Months passed, and Akosua carried her secret with her. She focused on her studies, determined to build a better life for herself. She found comfort in her ambitions and dreams, knowing that she had the power to shape her future.
Over time, the guilt and shame slowly faded. Akosua began to see herself not as a sinner or a failure, but as a young woman who had made a difficult choice in
the face of difficulty. She understood that her story was not unique, that countless others had walked a similar path. As Akosua continued to grow and thrive, she found the strength to share her story with trusted friends. To her surprise, she discovered compassion and
understanding, breaking through the walls of judgment that had kept her silent for so long. Through her vulnerability, she discovered a community of support,
a network of individuals who had experienced similar struggles. Akosua’s secret abortion became a turning point in her life, a catalyst for growth and self-discovery. She learned that her value was not defined by societal norms or the judgments of others, but by the strength and the spirit she carried within herself. And as she looked toward the future, Akosua vowed to advocate for the rights and choices of women everywhere. And to advice on wrong decisions women take in terms of sexual emotions at the time of vulnerability. She knew that her experience was a part of a larger conversation, one that needed to be said openly and without shame. Akosua became a voice for those who felt silenced, hoping to create a world where no one had to carry their secrets alone……THE END


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