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Once upon a time in Salaga, a town in the northern part of Ghana. There lived a young man named Wadud. He had a loving girlfriend named Sala, and his best friend since childhood was named Ntoba. Wadud cherished both of their friendships and believed they were really attached. Little did he know that a storm was developing that would test the strength of these relationships. Wadud never thought it could happen, but it did happen.

One Monday evening, Wadud decided to surprise Sala his beloved one with a romantic dinner at their favourite fried rice joint just by the main road. As he made his way to her apartment to pick her up with his new Mapuka motorbike, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and hope, that one day they would marry and become husband and wife. However, when he arrived, he noticed something strange—a strange tension hung in the air.

Entering the apartment, Wadud discovered Sala and Ntoba are together in the bedroom. Peeping through the key hole, he saw them in a romantic embrace naked. Sweat all over their body with the background song track from westlife – Soledad. Shock and disbelief washed over him like a crashing flood. His heart shattered into a million pieces as he stood frozen, unable to understand what he was witnessing. He did not know what to do at the moment, to go back home or to knock the door. To sit down or to stand up, his heart ached and a painful sensation cutting through it

He knocked the door eventually, Sala hurriedly covered herself whiles Ntoba hid himself behind a wardrobe naked. Sala could not believe her eyes when she saw Wadud behind the door. Tears welled up in Wadud’s eyes as he confronted his girlfriend and his best friend. Anger mixing with hurt and betrayal. He demanded an explanation, hoping there might be some reasonable excuse that could make sense of the situation.

Sala, unable to look at his face, confessed that she had been feeling detached from Wadud for a while as Wadud is always working for money to please her and forgotten that love is not all about money but companionship too. She explained that in a moment of vulnerability, she turned to Ntoba for comfort and support, only to have their connection grow into something more. She expressed guilt and regret, recognising that her actions were deeply wrong.

Ntoba, too, struggled to find the right words to express his remorse. He admitted that he had allowed his feelings to cloud his judgment, failing to uphold the bond of friendship with Wadud. He accepted the deep pain he had caused both his friend and Sala.

As Wadud absorbed their words, a brief of emotions consumed him badly. He never thought it will one day end like this but it has happened. The love he had once felt for Sala clashed with the profound betrayal he has ever experienced, leaving him uncertain of what path to take. His heart was in a dilemma between forgiveness, anger and hate. He could not ride his motorbike home, he had to push it to his house. Wadud became like a baby throughout the night, he cried and cried unable to fall into slumber. But later, an eye who does not know sorrow shut given him peace and some quite heart

Days turned into weeks, and in that time, Wadud distanced himself from both Sala and Ntoba. He sought comfort in his loved ones and confided in them, hoping to find peace in the midst of the whole situation. Their words of support and advice helped him gain strength and heal his wounded heart. Past pictures they took together and memories they shared running through his mind while gazing at his phone screen. He could not hold his tears, using the back of his palm to rub off his tears when he realized he had no handkerchief in his pocket.

Eventually, Wadud realized that forgiveness was the only path forward. He understood that carrying the weight of anger and resentment would only hinder his own growth and happiness. He decided to have an honest conversation with Sala and Ntoba, expressing his pain but also extending forgiveness. His sister Nafisa arranged the meeting between the three friends in her room. Nafisa was a true and loving sister as she was there for His brother when his world seemed to have ended. Out of her constant encouragement and advice made Wadud realized that indeed the down fall of a man is not the end of his life.

Sala and Ntoba were speechless when they heard Wadud’s forgiveness. They realized the gravity of their mistakes and vowed to never repeat them. Although trust needed to be rebuilt, they were committed to proving their remorse and rebuilding their relationships with Wadud.

Over time, the wounds began to heal. With patience, understanding, and open communication, the three friends gradually reconciled. While their bond would never be the same as before, it evolved into something different—something tempered by misfortune and stronger it made.

In the end, this painful experience taught Wadud the value of forgiveness and resilience. It taught him that people make mistakes and that true strength lies in the ability to forgive and rebuild trust. And although scars remained, they served as reminders of the power of forgiveness, redemption, and the survival of true friendship. Money cannot replace the attention in the journey of love, as money is needed so as attention…………THE END



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