Once upon a time, in a quiet hospital surrounded by a forest, two nurses named Sarah and Tinkerbell were assigned to the night shift. They have been envying their own friend Whitney who gets a lot of money than them, even though they receive the same salary. Therefore, they decided to secretly take more shifts in this hospital for more income. But the hospital had a long history, and whispers of strange occurrences filled the air. Their hourly pay was huge, than their permanent work place.

It was a stormy night, rain pounding against the windows, casting weird shadows across the dimly lit corridors. Sarah and Tinkerbell nervously glanced at each other as they prepared for their rounds.

As they made their way through the empty hallways, the sound of creaking floorboards echoed through the silent night. Each step they took seemed to increase the growing tension within them.

Suddenly, a flickering light caught their attention. They cautiously approached an abandoned patient room. The door creaked open, revealing a flickering lightbulb hanging dangerously from the ceiling.

Sarah’s heart raced as she reached out to switch off the light, but a chilling breeze of wind blew through the room, causing the bulb to sway violently. Tinkerbell let out a gasp as the lightbulb shattered into pieces, putting the room into darkness.

A disturbing silence enveloped them, broken only by the distant sound of thunder. Sarah and Tinkerbell exchanged nervous glances, their senses alert as they listened to hear any sign of movement.

Then, from the depths of the hospital, they heard a faint, frightening moan. The sound grew louder, echoing through the empty halls. Panic took hold of their hearts as they realized they were not alone.

As they hurriedly moved their steps, the corridors seemed to shift and twist, confusing their senses. The walls seemed to close in, creating an oppressive atmosphere that choked the air around them.

With every passing moment, the moans grew louder, accompanied by strange whispers that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere all at once. Shadows danced and twisted along the walls, taking on laughable forms that played tricks on their terrified minds.

Finally, they reached the nurse’s station, their only hope for safety. But just as they were about to take a sigh of relief, the room was plunged into darkness. The computer screens flickered on, displaying messages written in an ancient, illegible writing.

Frozen with fear, they watched as the messages slowly transformed into words they could understand. The message on the screen stated, “This place is forbidden for your presence. Leave before it’s too late.”

Their hands trembled as they clung to each other, contemplating their next move. But before they could make a decision, a bone-chilling laughter erupted throughout the hospital, echoing through the night.

Driven by pure terror, Sarah and Tinkerbell sprinted towards the exit, their hearts pounding in their chests. The hospital seemed to fight against their escape, doors slamming shut, blocking their path. But their determination pushed them forward.

As they burst through the hospital doors, gasping for breath, the stormy night welcomed them with open arms. The rain washed away their fears, and the distant sound of alarms filled the air as they realized they were safe at last.

To this day, Sarah and Tinkerbell never returned to the haunted hospital, they resigned from working in that hospital. But the memory of that horrifying night would forever haunt their dreams. They were forever reminded of the chilling reality that some things are better left undisturbed in the depths of the darkness. The desire for wealth can lead people astray from their beliefs and bring them great sorrow. ……. THE END



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