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EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE – OSCE female myocardial infarction


Typically, the situation unfolds as follows: A patient is admitted to the hospital due to chest pain, with initial suspicions of a heart attack. After further examination, a myocardial infarction (MI) diagnosis is eliminated. The patient expresses significant concern about her condition and seeks guidance on how to handle a similar experience in the future


  1. I will inform the patient that it is crucial to recognize the symptoms of a myocardial infarction (MI) early and accurately in order to promptly seek medical attention, which can lead to a more favourable outcome.

2. I will notify the patient that chest pains may or may not be experienced by individuals who are female.

3. I will notify the patient that she might encounter feelings of nausea and discomfort in various areas such as her back, shoulders, throat/neck, cheeks/teeth, and arms.

4. I will stress the significance of reporting any symptoms, regardless of whether she perceives them as cardiac or not.

5. I will advise the patient to promptly dial 999 if she encounters any of the aforementioned symptoms.


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