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Move to UK as HCA/Nurse/Doctor without any stress


HCA Healthcare possesses a Tier 2 sponsorship license, enabling us to recruit top talent not only from the UK but also internationally. This license grants us the ability to support General Visas and Intra-company Transfer Visas.

In the capacity of a sponsor, HCA Healthcare UK has the authority to provide Certificates of Sponsorship. These certificates empower candidates to apply for entry into the UK for their new job.

Our dedicated on-boarding team guides candidates through each step of the process, from application submission to their arrival in the UK for their initial work day. We assist with relocation expenses, arranging and covering the cost of air travel to the UK. Upon your airport arrival, our representative will accompany you to HCA-approved accommodations, conveniently situated near your workplace. Additionally, HCA UK will cover your first three months’ rent.

For individuals joining us from non-EU countries in roles requiring a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) PIN, an initial Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is necessary. We offer the necessary support for this requirement. Detailed information can be found here:


There may also be an Immigration Health Surcharge, which we will cover, granting you full access to the National Health Service.

Whether you’re coming from the EU or another location, our comprehensive induction to London life includes tours, a starter kit containing items like a SIM card, essential home supplies, and shopping vouchers. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated buddy to address any queries. Upon your arrival, we encourage your professional growth and advancement within our organization. Being a part of our group means you’ll have opportunities to transition to other facilities and progress within the company. Our network includes hospitals in London and Manchester, along with various services across the UK.

Contact: Check out our FAQ page or, if you have a specific question, our team is also happy to provide more details. To get in touch please email: careers@hcahealthcare.co.uk – and if you’re interested in a nurse or doctor role and you can’t find any related job postings, we’d love to hear from you (it’s always nice to meet a fresh new talent).



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