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Ghana Physician Assistants Pause Strike Pending Resolution


The Ghana Physician Assistants Association (GAPA) reportedly decided to temporarily halt its nationwide strike in response to the proposed legislative amendment of Act 857 by the Ghana Medical and Dental Council. The association had withdrawn provision of services from healthcare facilities across the country, alleging mistreatment and discrimination against their profession. After the strike, it was disclosed that the National Labour Commission had instructed the Ministry of Health to communicate with the Physician Assistants within a 28-day period to tackle the issues raised by them.

Nevertheless, the GAPA expressed dissatisfaction over the absence of the Ministry of Health and other relevant agencies at the meeting, despite the directive. Notably, the Ministry for Labour Relations and Employment represented the government during the discussions. Subsequent to the meeting, Peter Akugudu Ayamba, the National President of GAPA, communicated that due to the involvement of the Labour Commission and their adherence to both the law and their union principles, they were urging their members to recommence their duties. Consequently, the strike was temporarily put on hold, and the Physician Assistants are currently anticipating further dialogues and definitive actions to address their concerns within the designated timeframe.

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