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Niger’s President Bazuom Alarming Health Situation in Detention


According to his doctor, Niger’s president is said to be in “good spirits” despite being held under “difficult” conditions by the junta that ousted him. The doctor mentioned, following a visit, that the president’s living conditions are challenging, with electricity still cut off. The president, Mohamed Bazoum, his son, and wife have been confined in the basement of their palace in Niamey since the coup on July 26.

The doctor also revealed that the president’s family is well, and he was able to provide them with food and medicine during the visit. The president’s family expressed relief after the visit. The junta’s decision to allow the family’s doctor to visit seems to be a response to international condemnation of the president’s detention.

The UN human rights chief criticized the inhumane and degrading conditions of the detention. Bazoum’s daughter, who was abroad during the coup, described the dire living conditions her family is facing. The Niger military had overthrown the democratically elected president in July, amidst similar events in neighbouring Burkina Faso and Mali.

Despite being held captive, Bazoum managed to publish an article in The Washington Post, warning of the negative consequences of the coup. Calls for his release have come from various quarters, including US President Joe Biden and the West African regional bloc Ecowas. However, the junta continues to ignore these demands.

Ecowas is planning to send a committee to Niger to engage with the coup leaders.



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